If you have never ordered embroidery from us before, here is an overview of what you can expect during the process of fulfilling your order:

1.  Preparation of the Artwork to be Embroidered:

If you do not already have the file digitized for embroidery (most new customers don't), we will first need to see your art. this could be a company logo, favorite graphic or text.  In some cases, customers have an idea of what they want but do not have art.  We can help you with creating art designed to meet your needs.

2.  Digitizing:

Once you have approved your art, we will send it to a skilled professional digitizer.  This is a very important step to achieve quality results.  You pay a one-time only digitizing fee for this step.  You would be good to go for any future orders using that file assuming you don't wish to change your art in a way that would require redigitizing.

3.  Identify the Items you Want Embroidered:

Next we need to know what products you want the embroidery on, such as polos, vests, hats, jackets, etc.  We have an online catalog, print catalogs and years of experience to help guide you choose.  We are happy to assist you in product selection, you can benefit from our experience with these products.

We also embroider on products you have purchased elsewhere.  However if you have not made a purchase yet, contact us.  We may be able to beat store prices or get you a better quality garment at the same price.

4.  Price Quotes:

There are so many variables in embroidery that we need all the data about your intended order before we can provide you an accurate price quote.

5.  Sample Stitch-Out:

Once your digitized file is received, we set up run a sample stitch out based on the colors in your approved artwork, or you are always welcome to stop by and pick out your thread!  If you are local, you can drop by and see the sample in person or we can take a close up picture and email or text  it to you.  If you need any tweaks, we work with you until you are satisfied.  We require final approval before we proceed in production of your order.  Some of our customers require the approval  of a boss or committee to give final approval, please note this often adds time to the production schedule.

6.  Scheduling and Production

We fully communicate beforehand the anticipated time to complete your order.  Once we have final art approval and are in receipt of your items for embroidery we will proceed with the stitching.  We are very time-conscious and definitely schedule our production to meet your deadlines.

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